copyrightCopyright Law protects the creator of an original work and allows that owner the sole right to exploit that original work.

What is protected by copyright?

  • Publications, artistic works, photographs, musical works, computer programs, films, TV recordings and sound recordings, amongst others.

When Do I Need a Copyright Lawyer?

  • If you are unsure if your property is protected
  • If you are unsure if your works need protecting
  • If you think that your property has been used without your consent
  • If you want to use another work in your work and you are unsure of the rules
  • If you need an infringement notice or a letter of demand sent on your behalf
  • If you have received an infringement notice or a letter of demand
  • And anything else you have concerns about – it’s better to be on the safe side

How is copyright infringed?

The Copyright Act stipulates that copyright is infringed if copyright material, or a substantial part of it, is used without permission in one of the ways exclusively reserved to the copyright owner.  It is important that you consult with an experienced intellectual property lawyer on ALL MATTERS involving copyright.

It is also infringing conduct if you authorise another person’s infringing conduct.  So you don’t need to be the primary infringer to be caught under the Copyright Act.  If you are unsure it is best to consult a professional copyright lawyer.

What is a Letter of Demand?

A letter of demand is a document stating:

  • that you are the copyright owner;
  • outlining how the person has infringed your copyright;
  • outlining a clear statement of what you require, whether it be requesting them to cease the infringing action, destroy any infringing copies and/or payment of a stated sum of money;
  • outline a time frame in which the demands must be met;
  • and a statement that further action may be taken if the demands are not met.

Commercialisation and Monetization of Copyright

An intellectual property lawyer will be able to help you with the commercialisation of your copyright, including;

  • IP specific commercial agreements, confidentially agreements, franchising and structure, IP audits, ownership and assignment issues, disputes and litigation, joint ventures and business structure and sales.